Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Apparently, liberals have finally demonstrated an understanding of how the marketplace actually works.

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Supply and demand, bitches. Supply and demand.

The fact that with their favorite "non-profit", Planned Parenthood, the "supply" is illegally and ghoulishly harvested baby parts is a minor public relations issue, it would seem. Even for liberals, defiantly supporting such abhorrent actions is problematic, so websites like SNOPES jumped into action and decided that the allegations are UNDETERMINED.

Contradicting the notable SNOPES and its assessment of UNDETERMINED, CNN actually ran with the story just a couple of hours ago. Of course, they carefully presented it as if the damning evidence could be construed as maybe, perhaps, sorta, kinda UNDETERMINED as well, and therefore, we should all withhold know...until the whole thing blows over.

This cautionary stance of not leaping to judgment seems, however, to be a position which proves much more difficult for liberals when presented not with the bloody harvested body parts of fetuses, but with the juicy raw meat of Senator Cruz's new book, "A Time for Truth".  Why, THEN, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to hold your punches. UNDETERMINED, our collective asses!

Because THIS time, while the supply is neither illegal nor ghoulish nor intensely horrifying, it's worse. It is a bestselling book from a man who openly challenges liberal ideas while defending the wisdom and success of conservative ideas. And it gets worse. The man has a father who is -- HORRORS! -- a preacher! And -- unimaginably -- even worse! The man is a Tea Party hero.

So "The Time for Truth" is now, and the truth is Ted Cruz is a man who doesn't like liberals. I know...get outta here!

SHOCKED! I'm shocked, I tell you!

The good news is that his organs might be worth something.
This. Must. Not. Stand. Dead babies are just fodder for jokes, doncha know, but conservative arguments are completely outside the boundaries of civil society. But because of the obnoxious little thing called the 1st Amendment, at least for the time being liberals can't just outlaw his book. So they are doing the next best thing. Eliminating the demand. First, the New York Times ignored the book entirely, then they lied about it.  

Yet -- inexplicably -- the demon spawn's horrifying book is still SELLING!

Supply and demand, bitches. Supply and demand.

Did you say, "Shut up?"
You're going to have to speak up.
I can't hear you.

Senator Cruz, a man with a pointed and acerbic sense of humor, tweeted this:

So liberals have found themselves in the untenable position of being forced to acknowledge the hideous book and its loathsome author. In today's YAHOO! news, Jerry Adler's review of the previously invisible book makes the front page. He clearly struggles with the idea that anyone could actually dislike liberals for any reason other than being motivated by resentment or pettiness. So, of course, Mr. Adler writes about just how resentful and petty Cruz is. So you needn't waste your money on the book.

There is nothing UNDETERMINED about the review of Cruz's book.

Cruz’s biography is a tale etched in resentment. Most often, the villains are Democrats, reflecting a visceral dislike that was bred into him by the father he still idolizes — a father who refused for two years to call his son by the Americanized nickname he adopted (he was born Rafael Edward) because he shared it with a certain famous Democratic senator from Massachusetts. Later, he suffered at the hands of his freshman roommate at Princeton, a “liberal student from New Jersey” who expressed his contempt for the cowboy-boot-wearing Cruz by gluing shut the snooze button on Cruz’s alarm clock. Then there was a “fairly well-known liberal professor” who gave Cruz a B instead of the A he thought he deserved for a paper that compared private charity, favorably, to government welfare as a way to help the poor. “Was it ideological prejudice, or something else?” Cruz asks darkly, adding that the grade probably cost him the summa cum laude diploma he otherwise had earned.

And things only got worse at Harvard Law School, a hotbed of “trendy Marxist philosophy” and a bastion of affirmative action. His outspoken conservative views kept him from the presidency of the Harvard Law Review, and he had to settle for a senior editing post instead. But this apparent setback was not actually a failure, because “the election was not necessarily for the brightest among us, or the most accomplished, or the most articulate. None of us wanted someone like that getting the job and thus increasing his or her odds of getting a Supreme Court clerkship at our expense.” That should reassure any readers concerned that Barack Obama, who was president of the law journal, may have been smarter than Cruz.
(Emphasis all mine.)

OOOOOHHHH! That last part stung! And if our darling President Precious had ever allowed ANY college transcripts to be released, we might know the answer to that concern. As it is, we can just assume, according to Mr. Adler, that The Beloved is smarter than any right-wing, Bible-thumping, resentment-filled, woman-hating, sore-loser, scary-as-all-hell extremist.

You can take it on faith. Like the Iran deal.

In short:

Late-term living babies crushed with careful deliberation for their worth as dead babies. What's the big deal? I mean, other than insuring that the body parts are worth money.


A man who passionately believes in limited government and the freedom of the individual. OUTRAGEOUS!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This made me cry.

Because I'm a softie who can't get through a Disney film without tearing up. Add helpless animals and I'm sobbing like a baby.

Years ago the entire family went to see the Disney film, "Eight Below". WHYYYYYY I don't know. First, it was a Disney film. Second, it was about loyal, abandoned dogs. What the hell was I thinking??? Fifteen minutes into the movie, maybe less, I was sobbing like a teenaged girl dumped by her boyfriend at a school assembly. I. MEAN. SOBBING! I was choking I was crying so hard. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't be quiet. I was blowing snot bubbles as I slobbered and wailed. People were looking at me with barely suppressed disgust, bordering on fury, and still I sobbed and choked and coughed and hiccuped. It was awful. My kids actually got up and moved a couple of seats away.

After the movie they wanted to go out to dinner. As we exited the theater, they took one look at my ravaged face and, rolling their eyes, resigned themselves to leftovers at the house. No way were they going to be seen in public with me.

So, yeah, this little video made me cry.


I'm an awful person.

I had to watch nearly the entire video before I realized that it wasn't a joke.

How awful does that make me???


This Old Horse

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s seen some better days,
she’s eating up my profits,
and costs a lot for hay.

Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that,
she's seen a lot of miles
just like my cowboy hat.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she helped me herd my steer,
I’m pretty sure she's magic,
I know I hold her dear.

Another horse would suit me,
one that can run fast,
maybe one that’s younger,
or maybe one that lasts.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s long and far in tooth,
my children do remember,
Why not trade her now?Bring her to an auction?
Replace her with a cow?

The Rancher's brow grew heavy,
he took a staggered step,
his eyes did show his hardships,
in wrinkles, as they crept.

His breath, he took in deeply,
as he poised to say his words,
it’s as if the earth grew silent,
that his message should be heard.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
has given me her life.
I wouldn’t trade for anything,
nor either, would my wife.

Another horse would suit me,
and perhaps someday will come,
but this old gal, I love her,
she is the chosen one.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
her service she did lend,
her and I, have seen the years,
this old horse, she is my friend.

Another horse would suit me well,
but her home is here to keep,
I owe her sanctuary,
my love for her is deep.

Another horse would suit me well,
and younger days for me,
and I will keep my promise,
until our last breaths, set us free."

Poem by Jess Vee

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cats ARE assholes.

On her blog, Rachel Lucas used to have a category entitled "Cats and Other Assholes."

She was right. Cats ARE assholes.


Honestly, the owner taking the video should have known.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Because sometimes you have to improvise.

Submitted without comment.

video comment is, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Balancing Act

A friend of mine dated an Argentinian polo player years ago and he was the quintessential stereotype...gorgeous, with long dark curling hair, charming, rich, and a real snake...but she was having fun, so whatever. I used to tease her mercilessly by strutting around and tossing my hair back in imitation of his exaggerated gestures every single time I said his name. "Rolando!" You just had to do that. Throw back your hair and give it a flamboyant Latin swoosh...!

But there is something about polo players. They are all fabulously good looking, rugged, lean, and well...yeah....

And can they ever ride!


Such A Deal!

I'm thinking someone made a wee little mistake?

Even I am not so desperate to lose "the multidimensional aging around the eyes" that I would spend $13,555.00 for a 1 oz bottle of super duper serum.

But to each her own.

Besides, for a limited time you can save $13,440.62! Only six left at that price! Jump on it, ladies.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Bacon, anyone?

If you don't want to play with explosives, this is a pretty effective method of getting rid of wild hogs.



This is so utterly adorable that I can't stop watching it. I also can't stop laughing...but that's me. I was never much of a mother, either. I was always the one laughing the hardest instead of running to their aid. Oh well...they both survived....just don't ask them about all their fond memories....HAHAHA!


A Good Idea could work.

Even the Pope thinks so.

The Unintended Consequences...

Lovers' Quarrel?


Hell has no fury like a goat scorned.

How to NOT stick the landing.

At all. Ever. Even with help.


How many times can YOU land after only jumping once?